SOLD Morley Swanky Tag No 467. A very stylish looking doe with good length and meat carrying qualities. She has kidded twice, producing very high quality kids and is proven to be an excellent, nurturing mother. She will reliably add all the qualities needed for stud breeding. Born in 2010 and Registered 50% Best value goat.



SOLD Morley Tilly Tag No 468. Also a stylish goat with length and meat qualities. Has kidded twice, successfully producing 3 fine kids in 2012 and fine bucks in 2013. A great mother who will reliably add all the qualities needed for stud breeding. Born in 2010 and Registered 75% Great value goat.


SOLD Morley Tansey Tag No 001. A fine goat with length and width. Produced 2 fine mixed twins in 2013 and raised them very well. Born in 2011, has kidded once. Registered 75%. A fine workmanlike doe.


SOLD Morley Winifred Tag No 20. A fine medium-sized goat of the kindest disposition. Always gentle and a very generous and manageable mother. Had mixed twins this year and reared them very well. She will add a good, calm attitude to your herd. Born 2011, has kidded once. Registered 87.5%. Highly suitable for a novice breeder.


SOLD Morley Lara Tag No 13. A big, strong doe with good width, length and ample meat carrying qualities. She will deliver good sized kids repeatedly. Has borne 2 doe kids and raised them without fuss. Has some roaning in her coat. Born 2011, kidded once. Registered 87.5%. Excellent, highly productive doe.



SOLD Morley Jubilee Tag No 557. An outstanding high quality goatling doe. Fathered by Topknot Alfie, our great stud buck who has advanced our herd significantly over the past years. Big, strong uncomplicated and generous doe who will enhance your breeding programme with quality. Born 2012. Maiden. Registered 75%.


SOLD Morley Blondie Tag No 556. An outstanding big, strong breeding doe fathered by Topknot Alfie, our great stud buck. Not the strongest colour, but displaying excellent meat giving characteristics. Good length and width, thoroughly sound type of doe. Born 2012. Maiden. Registered 87.5%. Colour is only slight fault and unlikely to be passed onto young.


SOLD Morley Ru UNREGISTERED Goatling. This doe is the world's best character but not born with many aesthetic advantages, being a little short in the leg and a little tight behind the front legs. What she lacks in beauty she has gained in character and personality. She has very fine genes, having been fathered by MacGregor Newton through artificial insemination from the famous MacGregor stud in Queensland, Australia. A healthy and jolly little doeling that is likely to produce good kids. Born 2012. Maiden. NOT REGISTERED £150. A joy to own, especially if you have children. Available to a caring home that can offer the right sort of appreciation and care.



We have some wonderful kid bucks for sale. Although they are genetically 100% Boer Goat they cannot be registered as such and for that reason are only suitable for breeding goats for meat. The photos below show the quality of these goats and how much they will enhance the meat giving qualities of your herd. These bucks represent a great opportunity for a buyer to increase the meatiness of their herd at reasonable cost. 

Woody is a good example of what we can breed. Unsurprisingly he has already been sold but look below for some other of our bucks that are available for sale. 



Christopher is one of twins bred from our prime doe Morley Chrissy (Tag No 596). His sire was MacGregor Newman from the prestigious Terramac in Queensland. He was conceived through artificial insemination.



Joe, the other twin out of Morley Chrissy (Tag No 597) is not quite so big, but will pass on plenty of meatiness, with a good temperament. His sire is the same as above.



Dennis is a superstar! As you can see the personality just shines out of him! He loves showing off his natural good looks and celebrity bearing, and is such a character. Dennis is also very kind and would suit a really caring home that will appreciate his star qualities. As you can see he is well muscled and will hand on excellent confirmation to his kids. Tag No 598 and one of triplets, he was conceived by artificial insemination from semen imported from the famous Terramac stud in Queensland. His father is MacGregor Spencer, an outstanding quality buck.


Percentage Goats

Percentage goats are those whose genetic heritage contains traces of other breeds, in particular dairy goats. Often overlooked, percentage goats should not be discarded. The additional qualities of other bloodlines can be of great benefit to the Boer Goat breed, helping to create big, meaty goats and strong, milky does.

Our Morley goats are all from pure-bred Boer Goats, without the input of other bloodlines. However, the breeder of some of our foundation does did not register with the British Boer Goat Society and consequently the pedigree line was broken. We are therefore in the unique situation of having some top quality Boer Goats, described as percentage stock, which are genetically pure. Through constantly selecting for quality alone, we still have a number of really useful percentage stock available and these make a great investment. These animals are too good to miss and will deliver superior 100% registered stock within a generation or two.

Please take a look at the stock we offer and see for yourself. If you'd like to give us a call we can explain further.