• Morley Boer Goat Stud

    Outstanding pedigree. Unique bloodlines.

Premium genetics

The Morley Boer Goat stud has been meticulously developed using the very best genetics from around the world.

The herd was founded in 2004 and we are one of only a handful of UK breeders to import new bloodlines from abroad. These carefully selected genetics have produced the quintessential meat-carrying goat, which will satisfy a growing demand for low-fat goat meat in the UK.



















Healthy Breeding Stock

We are confident that we have some of the best Boer Goat genetics in the UK – unique, full blood, registered stock that can trace their lineage all the way back to South Africa. Combining this with the highest health status in the UK, we aim to supply top quality foundation stock to serious breeders.



















stock for sale

We have a selection of show quality, full blood breeding does for sale and can supply a wide range of pedigree stud bucks for the UK market and for export abroad. All of our goats are exceptionally well-handled and have superb temperaments.



















We welcome all enquiries, but please note we longer supply goat meat directly. Please contact Trudie Thomas on 01233 771934 for meat purchases.