About us

Our herd

The Morley herd was founded by Jan-Ernst and Vanessa Montagne and is based in Northiam, East Sussex.

In 2004 we bought 11 breeding does and a buck, TopKnot Bruno, and started producing some good stock. But after a while we reached a plateau and realised the breed couldn’t improve any further with the limited bloodlines available in the UK. So in 2010 we were one of the first UK breeders to import frozen Boer goat semen from Australia. Using artificial insemination, the genetics harvested from the Terraweena Stud in Queensland, Australia produced a dramatic improvement in the quality of our kid goats and became the foundation of our current herd.














For the next four years we used conventional breeding methods with Australian imported embryo bucks raised in the UK. Those embryo bucks, from the TerraParks and Bengara studs, caused considerable and rapid further improvements.

In 2014 we started working with the Dalbury Stud in Derbyshire, UK, to import high quality embryos from the Clearday Park and Micathel studs in Australia. Over the years, these embryos have been implanted into our healthy recipient does which are now served by a growing range of top quality stud bucks.

We have the highest available health status in the UK and have formed a nucleus of full blood goats that can trace their pedigree directly to South Africa.